Patients and Families

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We agree. You are more than a bunch of numbers. Your data should be easy to use and tell a story that can help you live the life you want to live. One not defined by diabetes.

The AGP report helps you see trends in your numbers using a picture of your summarized glucose readings.

CGM v5.0

BGM v5.0

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"It is easier to answer questions from physicians regarding my daughter’s numbers, instead of guessing." - Parent

"Daily boxes are useful because my son wrestles Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so we can see how that affects blood glucose." - Parent

Who currently produces the AGP?

Many makers of BGM and CGM devices as well as insulin pen and pumps.

What else are patients saying about the AGP?

"Looking at individual reports can be confusing to find out when changes need to be made. This is much clearer" - Patient

"I like the daily breakdown along the overall charts. The dailies allow me to go back into a log/journal to pick out details of a day that caused a high/low" - Patient

"It is simple but effective" - Patient

"For my daughter to see the graph vs. just numbers was a great validation of what is happening from her choices" - Parent