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Released at ADA - Saturday June 8th

Battelino T, Danne T, Bergenstal RM et al. "Clinical Targets for Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data Interpretation: Recommendations from the International Consensus on Time in Range." Diabetes care (2019): 1-11.

Updated Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes from ADA
On July 31, 2019, the American Diabetes Association released updated standards of medical care, with changes focusing on new metrics and reporting of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data, and new medication options. The glucose monitoring update was prompted by the publication of by a broadly endorsed set of recommendations of the International Consensus on Time in Range (Battelino T, Danne T, Bergenstal RM, et al. Diabetes Care 2019 Jun 8). The ADA standards of medical care now provide guidance on standardized CGM metrics (see NEW Table at To make these metrics more actionable, standardized reports with visual cues, such as the Ambulatory Glucose Profile (see NEW Figure of AGP are recommended and may help the patient and the provider interpret the data and use it to guide treatment decisions.

Notably the ambulatory glucose profile report (AGP Report) was developed by the International Diabetes Center and is now being used across the globe to evaluate CGM data. More details here: or

News Release:

Recent articles using the AGP Report

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International Consensus on the use of the AGP Report

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American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Recommend Use of AGP as Standardized Report

Drs. Fonseca and Grunberger, Co-Chairs of AACE/ACE Consensus Conference Writing Committee submitted a letter to the editor of Endocrine Practice noting that AACE supports "making the AGP report standard across all platforms (diabetes devices and diabetes data management software)." The AGP report as standard, is also being added to the AACE CGM Consensus Conference Statement. Link to full letter. Vivian Fonseca and George Grunberger (2017) LETTER TO THE EDITOR. Endocrine Practice: May 2017, Vol. 23, No. 5, pp. 629-632. doi: