The AGP report helps you see trends in your patients’ numbers using a single page report, providing actionable data to help in shared decision-making discussions within your clinic. We believe that data is a valuable part of clinical relationships and communication.

The AGP single page report gives you a simple, standardized report for use in the clinic and between visits for every device. Helping move us toward the ultimate goal of easy to use data...

Every Patient, Every Device, Every Time

CGM v5.0

BGM v5.0

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“The glucose statistics, ambulatory glucose profile and daily glucose profile are fantastic! It saved me a lot of time to quickly identify the patterns, trends, and issues” -Clinician

Who is a good candidate for AGP?

Any patient using a CGM or SMBG device. The more data a patient has during the two weeks prior to a visit or download, the better the trend report for SMBG (we recommend four or more times a day—even if only for a couple of days in the week prior to a visit).

How do I get this in my clinic?

Currently many BGM and CGM device makers as well as insulin pen and pump manufacturers offer a version of the AGP report in their devices and reporting software. Other partners have licensed the AGP and are planning to add it to their reporting software and devices.

How much does it cost?

We recommend clinics use one of the commercially available devices and/or softwares which feature the AGP.

Comments from patients and clinicians:

"It revealed overnight information that we simply did not have before. Without that you are making a lot of assumptions in management…it gives a much more thorough report [in comparison to other reports] with an easier to read format" -Patient

"More practical for physician/clinic to analyze" -Patient

"The needed information is on one page compared to 17 or 18 pages that often overwhelm you" -Patient

"It was much easier to identify patterns and trends for the patients, especially in terms of schedules and daily routines" -Clinician

"The thumbnail reports that had particular days broken down showed patients how activities/diet affected their blood sugars" -Clinician

"Less busy than many reports…can focus on key elements" -Clinician