eA1C Calculator

IDC and JAEB researchers wrote a paper in Diabetes Care called:"The Fallacy of Average: How Using HbA1c Alone to Assess Glycemic Control Can Be Misleading." As a companion to the paper, this easy to use eA1c calculator app was created. You can calculate an estimated "eA1c" from your average glucose (found in the upper left corner of your AGP report).

The eA1c is a quick way to see what your A1c would be today assuming that your glcuose average reflects how you have been managing your diabetes for the past 3 months. Or you can use your eA1c to see what your A1c would be if you kept doing what you have been doing to care for your diabetes for another 3 months. Click on the image to try it out.

International Diabetes Center (Creators of the AGP):

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